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Si necesita asistencia personalizada con el proceso de registro o tiene preguntas, nos complace brindarle asistencia individual y confidencial en español. Envíe un correo electrónico a un miembro del personal en español aquí.


Tennessee State Soccer Association prohibits tryouts for players currently registered for another club as part of a Div 1, Div. 2, or Div. 3 team. This mid-year tryout is only available to players not affiliated with another club. You must have been granted a release from your current club if you are affiliated. If you are unsure of your player's status please contact one of the following coaching directors:
Scott Chapman, Girls U9-U12
Dalton Healy, Boys U9-U12
Juan Hernandez, Girls/Boys U13-U18

Players need to bring: Shoes, Shinguards, Water, Soccer Ball. Please do not wear cleats. Turf shoes or regular sneakers are okay. This particular facility no longer allows regular cleats. You may wear anything you want. If you have a CFC shirt or anything in CFC colors (navy or sky blue) you're encouraged to wear that -- but it is not required.

The tryout process will consist of a technical warm-up (dribbling, skills) with 1v1, 2v2 and small-side games.

Check-in opens 30 minutes before your session. Please check-in at the table in the center of the complex, next to the restrooms.


Girls 2014-2010
10:30-12:00 PM
HPC #4, #5, #6
Scott Chapman - lead coach

Boys 2014-2012
10:30-12:00 PM
HPC #1, #2, #3
Jordan Replogle - lead coach

Boys 2011-2009
12:00-1:30 PM
HPC #1, #2, #3
Jordan Replogle - lead coach

Players will be contacted within 3 days of Saturday's tryouts.

Note: If your age group is not listed above, you do not need to come to the Open Tryout. A coach or age group director will be in touch to invite you to a training session with a team your age.

For players born in 2008 or older, those evaluations will take place as part of team training. Complete an Interest Form here and a coach will be in touch.


If you've been part of the CFC Academy family in the past and are interested in coming back, we want you to know you are more than welcome at tryouts. We'd love to see you again!

Travel soccer doesn't have to be excessive travel. Our top players and teams will be able to compete for state championships through TSSA State League as well as opportunities for regional and national competition. 

Just like the largest and most successful clubs in our state, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to support the community. That means the goal of our soccer club is never about profit and never will be.

CFC Academy teams will be registered through Tennessee State Soccer Association and US Youth Soccer.

2022-23 UNIFORMS

This year begins a new two-year uniform cycle. More information here.


2016 Pre-Academy
2015 Pre-Academy
2014 U9 (7v7)
2013 U10 (7v7)
2012 U11 (9v9)
2011 U12 (9v9)
2010 U13 (11v11)
2009 U14 (11v11)
2008 U15 (11v11)
2007 U16 (11v11)
2006 U17 (11v11)
2005 U18 (11v11)
2004 U19 (11v11)