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2019-20 FEES TBA

Our board of directors will approve fees for the 2019-20 season before evaluations begin. The goal is to offer reduced fees next year. In addition, last year's policy to combine team/club fees will be reassessed.

2018-19 Club Fees (All-Inclusive)

U9-U12 Local Select $820 Included N/A 20 2 2 N/A
U9 Travel $1,360 Included Included 12 4 2 N/A
U10 Travel $1,500 Included Included 12 4 2 N/A
U11-U12 Premier/Elite $1,575 Included Included 12 4 2 Included
U12-U14 Boys Premier $1,900 Included Included 30 4 2 Included
U13-U14 Girls Premier $1,650 Included Included 30 4 2 Included
U13-U14 Elite $1,600 Included Included 30 4 2 Included
U13 & Older Select $1,220 Included Included 20 4 2 Included
U15-U16 Boys Premier $1,550 Included Included 25 2 0 Included
U15-U19 Girls Premier $1,825 Included Included 25 5 0 Included
U15-U19 Girls Elite $1440 Included Included 20 4 0 Included
U15-U19 Boys Elite $1,380 Included Included 20 3 0 Included
U17-U19 Boys Premier $1,850 Included Included 30 3 0 Included

* Please note, Sports Engine charges a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $1 per transaction.

Why are we combining fees? Why are they going up?

Chattanooga FC Academy is moving toward a more streamlined process to fund the soccer development of your child. You deserve to know the true cost and to know that up front. That is why team fees will now be rolled into the club fees. Team managers and treasurers will still be involved in the financial oversight of your team but will not be required to collect any additional funds from you. 

As your child moves up in age, the cost may increase to cover an increased level of coaching. Certain age groups will appear much higher than others due to greater distance for travel, more frequent travel, and more overnight expenses.

The average family's overall expense will increase 8-10% this year. Three areas contribute significantly to that increase: new payroll tax requirement for all coaches, rising cost of insurance, and the increased cost of turf rental.

The part of your fee that covers tournaments, refs, coach travel, TeamSnap is being rounded up in all cases because the club would rather issue refunds at the end of the year than ask you for an unplanned payment later.

While it is not break-even, we have attempted to offset part of the increase by dropping the evaluations fee (tryouts), reusing some pieces of last year's uniform, and changing to a uniform vendor with better pricing.

Playing soccer at this level is not inexpensive. Despite the fees you pay to be part of a professional club like CFC Academy, that still only covers about 75% of what it takes to run the club. We make up the rest with sponsorships and hosting tournaments. 

If you have a question about fees not covered on this page, let us know. We want the chance to clarify for everyone else.

Payment Plan

  • Payable in 6 monthly installments. First payment due upon accepting a roster spot. The remaining 5 payments are due in August, September, October, February, and March.

A $40 one-time convenience fee per player will apply to the payment plan option.

Refund Policy

As a non-profit organization our budget is forecast for a year based on registrations and commitments when a player joins. We follow the standard of club soccer across the country in not offering refunds. Exceptions for Club Fees will only considered in extreme circumstances. Refunds on Team Fees are not available under any circumstances.

One Streamlined Fee

For the 2018-19 season, club fees and team fees will be rolled into one.  The annual fee covers August-May to cover coaching salaries, coach travel, tournament registration, ref fees, supplemental training, field lease, state fees, club equipment, and continuing education for coaches. Payment plans are available.

Uniform Fees

Payable to our Nike uniform partner,, to cover the cost of home kit, away kit, practice kit. Uniforms change every two years. The next change is for the 2018-2019 season. Cost begins at $126 for most teams and is 10% less than last year. The full kit for U13 and older Premier teams are $261.

Late Payments

We understand things come up and we want to work with you on those circumstances. Any player that is more than 30 days late on club fees or team fees, may not practice or play with the team. A player with unpaid balance from a previous season will not be allowed to rejoin until that balance is settled. This also applies to credit cards that have expired or no longer work. If you need another payment arrangement we just ask that you communicate those plans to keep your player's account out of delinquent status.