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Annual Club Fees

The staff and board of directors work diligently to set a fee structure that delivers the quality programing you have come to expect from Chattanooga Football Club.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so 100% of funds stay in the club. Approximately 30% of the cost for each player is subsidized by sponsorships, club events, support from the Chattanooga Football Club, and other fundraising. The amount you pay only covers about 70% of the actual cost it takes to run the club. For example, we have seen the cost for artificial turf rental triple in the past two years.

Payment plans are available for all fees. You may pay monthly over 6 months, pay two equal installments, or pay in full.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify, based on need. The application process is part of the Tryouts Registration. All requests for financial aid should be completed before Tryouts. Financial aid is available for Club Fees only; team fees are set at the team level with each player covering an equal portion.

2023-24 CLUB FEES

U7-U8 (2016-2017) $195
U9-U10 (2015-14) $875
U11-U12 (2013-2012) $1,015
U13-U14 (2011-2010) $1,155
U15-U19 (2009-2005) $1,065

Club Fees cover training, coaching, insurance, field rental, state association fees, and administrative cost. Club Fees do NOT cover team fees, referees, travel expenses, or uniforms.

Payment Plans are available for all fees.

PROCESSING FEES: Our third party vendor, SportsEngine, collects an online processing fee of (2.9% + $1). If you choose a payment plan, the full processing fee is added to the first payment only. You are not charged the processing fee on subsequent payments.


The TSSAA prohibits High School Girls from playing on a competitive club team in the Fall while their high school season is underway. The same rule applies for High School Boys during the Spring. Club dues have been adjusted accordingly, because of the shorter club season in these high school ages.

Team Fees

In addition to Club Dues, each player will pay his or her portion for Team Fees directly to their team. This amount is usually determined in the summer and communicated to you by the coach and/or team managers. In general, Team Fees range from $200-$300 per Fall & Spring.



The total club fees set forth above include but are not limited to the following: a non-refundable deposit; administrative costs of running CFC Academy; player registration with Tennessee State Soccer Association; field and facility maintenance, assessments, and rental costs; coaches’ salary; specialized training sessions; coaching education; and other supplemental programs.


In addition to the Club Fees collected by CFC Academy, each team sets their own Team Fees. These team fees include, but are not limited to, the following: league fees, referee fees, tournament entry fees, and coach's travel expenses. Team Fees vary with each team and should be approved and budgeted for by the team parents prior to the season starting. Team Fees are less than Club Fees. 


The 2022-23 season is the first year of a two-year uniform cycle. All practice and games uniforms change this season. The warmup pants/jacket as well as the soccer bag can be re-used from last year. Those items did not change. CFC Academy is proud to continue its exclusive partnership with Nike to provide all players with high quality training and game wear. Our official uniform vendor is WeGotSoccer. 

If you have a question about fees not covered on this page, let us know. We want the chance to clarify for everyone else.