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Annual Club Fee (2020-21)

Due to the generous support of sponsors and other supporters of the club, CFC Academy's board of directors has voted there will be no fee increase for the 2020-21 season. This comes on the heels of fee reductions last year. 

It is important to remember that club fees only cover about 70% of the total cost. The other 30% is covered through sponsorships, club events, support from the Chattanooga Football Club, and other fundraising. CFC Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Payment plans are available for all fees: Club Fees, Team Fees, and Uniforms.

PROCESSING FEES: Our third party vendor, SportsEngine, collects an online processing fee of (2.9% + $1). If you choose a payment plan, the full processing fee is added to the first payment only. If you would like to avoid processing fees, there is an option to mail a check for full payment. Click here to request a code for the pay-in-full by check option.



The total club fees set forth above include but are not limited to the following: a non-refundable deposit; administrative costs of running CFC Academy; player registration with Tennessee State Soccer Association; field and facility maintenance, assessments, and rental costs; coaches’ salary; specialized training sessions; coaching education; and other supplemental programs.


In addition to the Club Fees owed to CFC Academy, each player will owe Team Fees which are specific to the team to which they are selected. These team fees include, but are not limited to, the following: league fees, referee fees, tournament entry fees, and coach's travel expenses. Team Fees vary with each team and should be approved and budgeted for by the team parents prior to the season starting. In general, Team Fees are less than Club Fees. 


The 2020-21 season will bring a new uniform cycle for all CFC Academy players. Uniforms are set on a  two-year cycle. The uniform you purchase this season will last until the end of the 2022 season. CFC Academy is proud to continue its exclusive partnership with Nike to provide all players with high quality training and game wear. Our official uniform vendor is WeGotSoccer. 


Chattanooga FC Academy is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and strives to keep club fees as low as possible. 

We understand that signing your child up for soccer is a big deal, especially during these times. That is why CFC Academy is pleased to offer the COVID-19 Refund Protection at no cost to you. We hope you never need it, but it is there for your peace of mind.

CFC Academy COVID-19 Refund Guarantee (FREE)

If four or more weeks of the 2020-21 soccer season is canceled due to a COVID-19 mandated shutdown or four or more weeks occur without the ability to play games or conduct full training plans due to COVID-19 restrictions, all players will be entitled to a prorated refund or credit minus incidental processing fees and minimal administrative costs. Additionally, teams will be required to offer prorated refunds on any unused Team Fees that were collected. Again there is no cost for the COVID-19 Refund Guarantee.

Optional RegSaver Insurance (7% of Club Fees)

In addition to the CFC Academy COVID-19 Refund Guarantee, we have partnered with RegSaver to offer an AIG-backed insurance policy to safeguard your registration investment for circumstances not covered by the COVID-19 Refund Protection.

The premium is 7% and is paid when you pay Club Fees for the 2020-21 season. Subject to exclusions and limitations, RegSaver will cover the following unforeseen circumstances:

  • Illness 
  • Injury (on or off the field)
  • Uninhabitable Residence
  • Active Military Service (parents/guardians)
  • Involuntary Job Transfer 250+ Miles (parents/guardians)

Refunds for the above-mentioned reasons are not part of the club-backed guarantee. This coverage is only available by purchasing the RegSaver insurance policy.

If you have a question about fees not covered on this page, let us know. We want the chance to clarify for everyone else.