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Annual Club Fee (2019-20)

Thanks to corporate partners and support from Chattanooga Football Club, all club dues have been reduced by 13-20% in every age group from last year. In addition, team fees will be separated so that teams can now see and determine how team fees are used. CFC Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

What do club fees cover?

The club fees cover coaching salaries, insurance, field usage leases, turf rental fees, state registration fees,  and other operating expenses for the  season (August-November and February-May). Fees cover all team training up to three times per week as well as footskills training, speed & agility, finishing (shooting) training, and goalkeeper training.  Fees adjust as players get older and the level of training increases. Then, fees for the U15-U18 ages are prorated due to the shorter season for high school players.

Payment Options

Club dues may be paid in full or through an installment plan.

team fees

Team fees will be collected at the team level to cover tournament registrations, league entry fees, referees for friendlies, and coach's travel expense. The club will coordinate with teams to assist the Team Manager and Treasurer in setting this budget to make sure teams are attending a developmentally appropriate level of games -- in quantity and quality. 

Preseason Camp Is Free

In previous years, Preseason Camp has been $125. This year the weeklong camp will be free thanks to local sponsorship partners. 


Nike, CHI Memorial, and Center for Sports Medicine are back in 2019-20 so there will be no purchase requirement on game uniforms for returning members. Only the practice shirt will be new this year. The basic uniform includes home/away jerseys, one pair of shorts, and two pairs of socks. Optional items will be available. 

* Please note, Sports Engine charges a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $1 per transaction.

Refund Policy

As a non-profit organization our budget is forecast for a year based on registrations and commitments when a player joins. We follow the standard of club soccer across the country in not offering refunds. Exceptions for Club Fees will only considered in extreme circumstances. Refunds on Team Fees are not available under any circumstances.

Late Payments

We understand things come up and we want to work with you on those circumstances. Any player that is more than 30 days late on club fees or team fees, may not practice or play with the team. A player with unpaid balance from a previous season will not be allowed to rejoin until that balance is settled. This also applies to credit cards that have expired or no longer work. 

If you have a question about fees not covered on this page, let us know. We want the chance to clarify for everyone else.