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Chattahooligans offer scholarship for CFCA coaching education

By Staff, 02/14/19, 10:15AM EST


With CFC Academy players and coaches experiencing unprecedented success for club soccer in Chattanooga, this is the time to invest in the future of our coaching staff as well. 

The Chattahooligans, known for their unwavering support of CFC and philanthropic efforts to strengthen community, have made a significant scholarship donation to support CFCA coaching.

The quality and availability of coaching is one of the biggest impediment to development of talented young athletes into skilled soccer players. The path to a stable of truly great coaches can sometimes be cost prohibitive.

This scholarship will provide current CFC Academy coaches the opportunity to upgrade their USSF Licensing. For example, a coach can go from a D License to a C License or can obtain their D License. 

The Chattanooga Scholarship is designed for "coaches who exhibit aptitude for coaching, passion for the development of young players, and a commitment to the future Chattanooga Football Club."

This scholarship will result in positive outcomes for every athlete that trains with the Academy, and unlock a desire deeply held by Chattahooligans. 

The deadline to apply is February 28 and decisions will be announced in mid-March. To apply for the scholarship, click here

'C' License Course Details

The USSF 'C' License  consists of two course meetings in Birmingham, AL separated by a development period. The total course duration is approximately 2-3 months and includes assignments in the topics covered - the 6 Tasks of a Coach:

  1. Coaching Games
  2. Coaching Training Sessions
  3. Managing the Performance Environment
  4. Leading the Player
  5. Leading the Team
  6. Leadership

Course Meeting 1: August 14 - 18, 2019 (Five days onsite in Birmingham, AL with full group)

Development Period: 6-8 weeks in home environment with assignments and mentoring

Course Meeting 2: October 16 - 20, 2019  (Five days onsite in Birmingham, AL with full group)  

Eligibility: In order to be considered for the U.S. Soccer C course, all candidates must meet the following pre-requisites: At least 18 years of age Have held a U.S. Soccer D license for at least 12 months -OR- meet the waiver guidelines below. Currently coaching Interested candidates who wish to apply based on a waiver must submit an application directly to the hosting organization. 

Waiver Guidelines:

Applicants who hold certain foreign licenses or have a minimum amount of professional playing experience may be considered eligible without holding the U.S. Soccer D License.

Minimum pre-requisites: Certain foreign licenses (subject to review by U.S. Soccer) -OR- Applicant has three-(3) years coaching experience, at any level, AND three-(3) years playing experience with a Senior National Team and/or three-(3) years playing experience on a FIFA recognized “1st Division” outdoor professional team. This information must be reflected on the coach’s DCC profile. Official proof of playing and coaching experience must be provided via letter head from the affiliated clubs, leagues, or organization.from the affiliated clubs, leagues, or organizations.

'D' License Course Details

The National D license is a 40 to 45-hour course, held over two weekends, at minimum 4 weeks apart, designed for the grassroots coach who meets the prerequisites outlined below. The focus of this course is to facilitate the improvement of the candidates in the Six Tasks of a Coach across all four game models (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11) with a particular emphasis on Coaching Training Sessions. Candidates that register for this course are expected to attend both meetings.

 Eligibility Requirements: A unique combination of three of the eight Grassroots Licenses now formally represent the prerequisite to progress to the U.S. Soccer D License. Specifically, candidates must have completed a minimum of three grassroots courses, in the form of two in-person courses and one online course:
 • Two in-person courses (one of which must be the 11v11)
• One online course across any of the four levels (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11)

 Coaching candidates who have earned the E or F License will have the following opportunities to use those certifications toward the D License prerequisites:
• U.S. Soccer E License + Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module
 • U.S. Soccer F License + Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module + 11v11 in-person license + one other in-person license

Course Structure:
 First Meeting
 • Date: (Friday March 8th )
 • Time: (5.30 p.m.)
 • Location: (Richard Siegel Park, Murfreesboro).

Development Period: The Development Period is the time in between course meeting one and two. It is vital that candidates have access to a team during this period so that they can practically apply what they learned during the first course meeting and complete their assignments.

 Second Meeting
 • Date: (Saturday July 20th )
 • Time: (8 a.m.)
 • Location: (Richard Siegel Park Murfreesboro)