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CFC Academy teams up to feed the hungry

By Staff , 10/20/19, 6:30PM EDT


Photo Courtesy: Chattanooga Area Food Bank

Chattanooga FC Academy is teaming up with WRCB and the Chattanooga Area Food Bank the 35th annual Share Your Christmas™ food drive. 

Our challenge is to have every team in the club join the effort to fight hunger in our community.

Started just two years after the Chattanooga Area Food Bank was founded, Share Your Christmas™ is one of the longest running and most successful food drives around, thanks to the kind and giving spirit of the people of the Tennessee Valley and north Georgia.

Last year’s effort brought in more than $160,000 and 225,000 pounds of food, which provided more than 583,500 meals to people in need.

Plans and supplies are already in place to support neighbors through Thanksgiving. This food drive comes at the critical post-Thanksgiving time when there is significant need to restock the pantry.

How It Works

Collection Bins

Look For Bins Like This

A collection barrel will be available at the pavilion between Fields 4 and 5 at Camp Jordan during RiverFest tournament from November 9-10.

If  you do not see the collection barrel at the time you stop by, please leave your donation on one of the picnic tables. A staff member will add it to the club's donation.

Then, watch WRCB Channel 3 on Friday, December 6 when all community donations will come together.

It's more than a meal

A meal can be the difference between: 
• A passing and a failing grade on a test in school 
• Being able to live a healthy lifestyle, or not 
• A mom being able to share a meal with their child instead of having to give her portion to the child 
• A senior taking a full dose of their medicine, or having to cut the pill in half to save money 
• A dad being able to take their child to the dentist because they have health insurance, or the child suffering because they can’t afford it

A meal is so much more than “a meal” to the 1 in 8 people struggling with hunger in Southeast TN and Northwest GA. A meal is comfort on a trying day. A meal is the return of innocence to a child’s face. A meal is hope for a better tomorrow.

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