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Parents: You are the solution; not the problem

By, 09/27/18, 12:45PM EDT


Most parents use a clear perspective when making soccer choices for their children, focusing on a child’s long-term happiness, contentment and positive attitude.

The vast majority of soccer parents are inherently rational when making choices pertaining to their child’s youth soccer experience, when talking to coaches and when choosing the playing environment for their children.

It is true that many coaches feel parents are a problem.

Parents must be engaged and educated and empowered so they have the necessary information and understanding of the youth soccer landscape to make decisions. explains why a cultural shift is necessary in youth sports. A shift in which the parent is viewed by the coach as part of the solution to the issues we face in youth sports, not one of the problems.

It is true there are Crazy Soccer Parents – ones who don’t have perspective and are irrational when it comes to their children. 

Coaches must start to believe that the vast majority of parents are NOT Crazy Soccer Parents.

Parents must not be avoided by youth coaches. They must be engaged. Parents can play a positive role in the youth soccer experience.

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