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Chattahooligans launch CFCA scholarship for coaching education

By Staff , 02/28/18, 12:30PM EST


As we embark on the tenth season of CFC, it is appropriate to not only celebrate past accomplishments, but to also consider the future.

This week, The Chattahooligans announced an investment into CFC Academy and future of club soccer in Chattanooga. 

The quality and availability of coaching is one of the biggest impediment to development of talented young athletes into skilled soccer players. The path to a stable of truly great coaches can sometimes be cost prohibitive.

That is one reason The Chattahooligans and CFC Academy began working together months ago to establish the Chattahooligan Scholarship for Coaching Education.

This scholarship will provide current CFC Academy coaches the opportunity to upgrade their USSF Licensing. For example, a coach can go from a D License to a C License, from a C to a B, etc. 

The Chattanooga Scholarship is designed for "coaches who exhibit aptitude for coaching, passion for the development of young players, and a commitment to the future Chattanooga Football Club."

This first of its kind scholarship will result in positive outcomes for every athlete that trains with the Academy, and unlock a desire deeply held by Chattahooligans. 

Representatives of Chattahooligans will work with the leadership of CFC Academy to select a worthy recipient of the Chattahooligan Scholarship for Coaching Education.

Expect the formal announcement on April 21.

Operation Get Active

The Chattahooligans also announced a partnership with Operation Get Active. Operation Get Active, or OGA, is a health initiative that uses the game of soccer to encourage Chattanooga's youth to live active, healthy lifestyles. OGA works in 19 schools and rec centers across the city which serve an underprivileged student population. Using soccer as their tool, they seek to introduce a diverse group of children to sports and in doing so, develop their teamwork, leadership, and social skills.

Chattahooligans will become a sponsor of the OGA jersey in 2018.

You can learn more about the great work being done by OGA at:


The Chattahooligans will be the catalyst to develop stronger relationships and build bridges between all of these parties, and impactful volunteer opportunities will be available to serve both OGA and CFC Academy.

One day soon, that talented kid who finds a love for soccer through Operation Get Active will be able to access high level training and competition via CFC Academy.

One day soon, there will be a clearer pipeline between the academy and Chattanooga FC’s senior WPSL, NPSL, and, soon, NISA clubs.

One day soon, the kids who come to Finley Stadium every summer to see their heroes and dream that they will join them on the pitch will have a path to achieving that dream.

And, one day soon, it won’t matter if a kid grows up in Normal Park or in Alton Park, Chattanooga FC will be their club.

Thank you all for your passion and for being part of this amazing community, whether it’s been for the past season or for the past ten years. I hope you will consider getting involved with this revolutionary, multi-pronged investment into youth soccer, and into securing the future of Chattanooga FC.