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May Spotlight: Sam Jones

By Staff , 06/02/17, 11:30AM EDT


One of our staff directors nominated Sam Jones and said, "Every time I have watched that team play, he has played goalkeeper and in the field. He is an absolute stud in goal. He's also very good in the field, and is the definition of a team player. "
Sam plays for our 2007 Premier team and has a very bright future in soccer!
CFCA: When did you start playing soccer and what do you remember most about that first season?  
Sam: I started playing when I was four years old and my Dad was my coach.    I remember falling a lot.  
CFCA: You just finished tryouts for next year. What was that like and how did you do?
Sam: Tryouts were fun, I made the Premier team and I am excited to  play next season with my friends. 
CFCA: Tell us about your soccer career before CFC Academy and what led you to try out for select soccer?
Sam: My family moved to Chattanooga last summer from Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.   I played select soccer up there and wanted to play when we moved here, we made a special trip to try-out last May. 
CFCA: If a rec player or parent is reading this, what would you tell them about knowing when it is time to try select soccer?
Sam: I think it’s time to try select soccer when after the game or practice is over and you are sad because you want to keep playing.   I really enjoyed soccer more once I understood the game, what to do and where to be.  Winning helps too.  
CFCA: How does it feel to be one of the youngest players to be featured in our Player Spotlight series?
Sam: Wow, really good!   It makes me want to work even harder.  
CFCA: What do you do outside of regular team training to improve your game? For example, do you attend Supplemental Training?
Sam: I attended supplemental training, more in the fall because the spring was too wet.  I enjoy training with John Carrier, he is encouraging and has helped me improve my skills.  My Mom reminds me to juggle and sometimes our family plays soccer together in the backyard.  
CFCA: What are your hopes for next season of soccer?
Sam: I hope we win and not loose of course.  I want to play a lot of soccer and be the #1 team in my age group in Tennessee.  
CFCA: Who have been your coaches and what do you like about them?  
Sam: Justin Park was my coach this past year.  I like that he wanted each of us to improve and play soccer the right way.  He helped me learn the strategy of the game and work on things like planting my foot the right way when I shoot.  It helped a lot.  I had a few other CFC coaches at tournaments or games and they were all great!  John Carrier coaches me for privates and I like that he believes in me.  
CFCA: You help your team as a goalkeeper and as a field player sometimes. If your team is 0-0 in the last five minutes of a final, would you rather be on the field or in goal?  
Sam: If it’s tied, put me on the field.  I might be able to help my team get a goal.  If we are up by 1 then put me in goal, I’ll be a wall.  
CFCA: What are your proudest accomplishments so far in soccer?
Sam: My team has won a few tournaments this year and this was exciting.   I played goal a lot this spring and I had quite a few games that I did not let any goals in and made some good saves.   
CFCA: Someone told us you are a “stud” in the goal already. What do you think they mean by that?  
Sam: That I’m pretty good at it.  
CFCA: Is there anything else we did not ask that you think other CFCA players and parents should know?
Sam: My favorite teammate to be on defense with is Jayden.  We like to play on the same line and even have a nickname - Thunder and Lightening.  Soccer is always more fun when your teammates are also your friends. 
CFCA: What do you like to do off the soccer field?  
Sam: Play outside, hike, mountain bike or kayak.  
CFCA: Favorite subject in school?
Sam: PE 
CFCA: Favorite food before practice?
Sam: Apple or banana
CFCA: Favorite pregame music?  
Sam: Hall of Fame 
CFCA: Favorite soccer player?
Sam: Lionel Messi 
CFCA:  What is something about you most people do not know?
 Sam: I am ambidextrous so I am pretty even with both feet on the field too.
CFCA: If Nike asked you to make a soccer quote for their new ad campaign, what would it say?
Sam: If you don’t try, you don’t win. 

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