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Parents share feedback about CFCA coaching staff

By Staff , 05/31/17, 8:15AM EDT


Chattanooga FC Academy coaches are the backbone of our club. State championships, college placement, and other achievements deserve celebration. None of that happens without the coaches who pour into our sons and daughters weekly. 

Each coach agrees to do the following:

  1. Display professionalism at all times at both practices and games.
  2. Be a leader for the players and parents.
  3. Be an effective communicator.
  4. Be fair, honest, and have integrity. 
  5. Remember we are coaching children. 
  6. Promote a development model in keeping with the philosophy of the club. 

During the spring, CFC Academy conducted its annual membership survey. The following is a sample of the feedback we received about the existing coaching staff. We are thrilled to have them all back and to add even more women and men of character to this staff. 

Actual Feedback from Parents

  • Great job Demaro, you are always so positive and do such a great job coaching!
  • Travis is an excellent coach and we are very pleased with his level of professionalism and knowledge of the game. 
  • Matt has done a great job. His engagement with the girls is outstanding. Coaching is fantastic, hard when needed, light touch when needed.
  • My daughter loves playing for Carlie, and loves practice, and loves the team.  Good job…that is what we want!
  • Luidgi is a great coach and my daughter truly enjoys practices.
  • We thought Scott did a great job with our girls this season. They all grew in skill and understanding of the game. He was always respectful when speaking to the girls and parents. He was even tempered and patient. 
  • Great with the kids.  Always positive. 
  • Coach Zeller has been a great coach for our daughter! He has recognized her strengths and built on them, and lessen her deficits. He is very encouraging and supportive! 
  • He is a great and very knowledgeable person. I think his coaching skills are great. 
  • Danny does a great job of motiving and coaching the girls. I get the sense that he truly cares about their development and not just winning.
  • I think Justin is a great coach for kids this age.  He is very positive and does a good job developing the players, specifically with teaching them how to keep their shape and passing. 
  • Great coach. Lucky to have him.
  • Justin has been a fantastic coach.  The boys have grown and developed significantly
  • We are very happy with John. The boys love him, he has high expectations, he is positive and a great teacher. He is on time and consistently at practice and games. Thank you John Carrier!
  • Danny has been a great coach.  He is very approachable and the girls have fun with him.  He lets them have fun but is appropriately tough on them when he needs to be.
  • Kwame has a ton of passion for the sport and always wants the best from the players.  He has been a great coach!
  • Demaro is great witht he boys.  They learn alot technically during practice and really enjoy themselves.
  • Danny has been a GREAT fit.  I think he relates to the boys well, he's challenged them to push themselves, and makes practice "fun" a lot of the times.  VERY important in my opinion (esp. at this age) to keep them from getting burnt out!!  We LOVE Coach Danny!
  • Coach Badger is an amazing coach and every second of practice is dedicated to skill work and player development. He is very organized and the girls respond to him in a positive way. My daughter absolutely loves playing for him and looks forward to every practice and game. He is a great representative of CFCA.
  • We are very pleased and think Danny is the greatest coach our daughter has had technically speaking.
  • Really appreciate his approach with the boys.  Feels like he nicely balances being challenging and encouraging.
  • She has enjoyed playing for him!  I'm impressed with the type of coaching AND TEACHING he does with the girls. It's nice to see a coach get involved with girls during practice, pay attention to detail, expect 100% effort AND have fun at the same time! 
  • it is obvious that Coach Sam puts a great deal of thought and effort into making sure each girl develops to her full soccer potential. He is always positive and cares about his team. My daughter has shown improvememt in her skill level, field awareness, confidence,and love for the game.
  • Luke (and Greg) have been great coaches.  They both have established positive relationships with the boys and have developed mutual respect.  The team is a cohesive group of boys that behaves with sportsmanship.  The atmosphere created, by the coaches with the boys, has extended to the parents as well.  We would be happy for either Greg or Luke to coach our son again.
  • Coach Jeff  does a great job of challenging the girls. He does a great job of communicating opportunities for improvement and successes after games and matches and in realtime. It's been a great year of growth for the girls.
  • Carlie's great!  It's great to have a female coaching my daughter, and Carlie does a great job interacting and encouraging the girls. It's been a great year! Two thumbs up for Carlie!!
  • My daughter is enjoying  practices and learning because he makes it FUN. I'm completely satisfied with his communication and he responds to questions/concerns in a reasonable amount of time.   
  • Very supportive and satisfied with Dan as my daughter's coach/teacher!!!!
  • Sam has done a great job with the girls. I have seen amazing progress in my daughter this year. I could not be happier with Coach Sam.
  • Matt has been terrific for our daughter and is making her a smarter, more technical soccer player.
  • Jeff Badger is an amazing coach.  He is great at mixing tough love and having fun.  He is always prepared and very punctual.  We couldn't be more pleased that he is our daughter's coach.
  • Coach was great.  Very dedicated and passionate.  Always very prepared. 
  • chemistry between the girls and coach Jeff is great. He inspires them and pushes them and we have seen much growth in each child. They trust what he tells them and enjoy practicing and playing. They are a quality competitive team and represent CFC well.
  • MG is great with the girls.  She is very patient.  My daughter loves soccer this year.
  • Sias is a great coach and works well with the boys.  He is incredibly patient and positive.  He certainly goes the extra mile to ensure the boys learn about soccer fundamentals but have fun along the way!
  • Demaro loves soccer and teaches fundamentals along with play and is patient - he is great!
  • Coach Danny Silva is a great coach to the girls. He pushes them to be the best they can be and teaches them so much about the game. He truly is the best coach we have had. His love for the game and our team is shown on and off the field. Can't say enough good things about him!
  • The IDP program is great! The coaches never lose energy for the kids. It is evident that the desire for the kids to develop in the sport of soccer and have tons of fun is the top priority.  We are thankful for this program. 
  • Luke is was Greg... they both have a wonderful way with the boys...most importantly, they always have an open ear for them.   Neither allowed nonsense and had the best in mind for the boys.
  • Coach Zeller is a genuine model for his players - he wants them to be great soccer players, but more importantly stresses a desire for his players to represent women of character and integrity, on and off the field. As a parent, I truly appreciate his dedication to his players, our families, and my daughter. We are very fortunate to have Coach Zeller working with our daughter.
  • Louie took the time to develop my son as an individual player and pushed him to push himself to be a better team and individual player.....  Louie has been a great coach for my son!
  • David adapted his style to meet the talents and personalities of the players he had and won the state title.  That is great coaching.  I know it had to be hard for him to change the style of play that he wanted to play, but it was the right move and the result speaks for itself.
  • Andy Wishart does a fantastic job and we are pleased with him. 
  • This is our first season with Andy, he has been a great coach.
  • She loves playing for Chris. Chris has very good practices and the girls have learned a lot from him. It's a positive atmosphere and great parents to travel the best.
  •  Luke’s a great player, a great coach, and just a good person all around. Can we keep him forever? PLEASE.
  • Top notch coaches like him keep us at CFC Academy.
  • Louis did a great job with the team and was very helpful in developing my son as a player but more importantly as a person

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