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What happens after Evaluations?

By Staff , 05/24/18, 12:00PM EDT


Tryouts are over; what happens next?

Tonight, Thursday, June 7, will be our last night of Evaluations. Here's what happens next:

  • Within 24 hours of the last tryout being completed an email will be sent out to all players who participated in CFCA tryouts.
  • Participants will be offered a spot on the Travel Select (Premier & Elite), Local Select (North, South), or notified that we currently do have an appropriate placement for them.
  • We hope you do not take the entire time, but athletes will then have up to 48 hours to accept by registering through the online link included in the offer email.
  • Should a spot on the Premier team become available after the 48 hour window closes, only players who have already committed to an Elite team will be considered for the open spot on the Premier team. If a spot were to become available on an Elite team, players registered for Select would be the next to be considered (should they have an interest in participating in travel).

If you did not receive an offer by midnight on Friday evening, please contact us at It is possible we have error in the email or spam filters are kicking it out.

The time can be confusing, even stressful, for parents and players. We know this can be especially confusing for first-time families.  Please try not to stress over this process and remind your child you will be proud of their effort, not their team placement. 

Where do we go?

Each age group is assigned a field. The first step is to approach the check-in table, give your name to a volunteer who will check you off the list, receive your tryout t-shirt, and then go to your assigned field. For your next day of tryouts, you can skip the check-in table and go straight to your field. Check-in table is only for people arriving for their first tryout day. Sometimes these fields do change based on number of participants and field conditions. Don't worry if that happens; any staff member or volunteer with a CFC Academy shirt can help. 

Where is the check-in table?

At the pavilion between Fields 2 & 3 at Camp Jordan and at the center pavilion of Grimes.

What do we need to bring?

Bring a properly inflated soccer ball, water bottle, shin guards, cleats. You do not need to bring any paperwork because we have that information when you registered online.

What should my child wear?

Wear shorts and soccer socks. Any color is okay but black/navy are preferred. No jewelry, like earrings, that could cause an injury during play. Your child will receive a CFC Academy t-shirt to be worn during tryouts. You will wear that on future tryout days too.

Can I leave my child during Evaluations?

Yes! That is actually preferred. Just make sure we have the correct contact information on your tryout information in the event we need to reach you.

Can I stay to watch my child?

If you would like to watch the tryouts, we ask that parents be at least 50 feet from the field. It is best that you not visit them on water breaks, etc. and do not give instruction or hustle encouragement from a distance.

When will I hear about team placement?

Invitations will begin to go out within 24 hours of the last Evaluation via the email you address you provided during online registration.  All email invitations should be complete no later than Friday evening. We hope you will make an immediate acceptance, as that helps us plan, but you will have the weekend to consider.

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