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Coach Assignments for 2017-2018 Season

By Staff , 05/08/17, 5:00PM EDT


Chattanooga FC Academy is proud to announce the region’s best coaching staff just got better. Our current staff is expanding to include more highly qualified and successful coaches. Some teams will keep the same coach from last year, while many will change. We always balance the benefits of team continuity with the benefits of learning from various coaching styles.  Both are important.

Each team coach will report directly to the age group director or assistant director. Those director have been previously announced.

Each coach in the academy is a licensed coach. This year’s staff holds three USSF A Licenses, three USSF B Licenses, five USSF C License and all other coaches hold either a USSF D or E License. Additionally, 50% of our coaches hold a NSCAA National Diploma, with several also hold Advanced National, Director of Coaching and Premier Diplomas. CFCA will continue to support the growth of our coaches by exposing them to to ways to advance their coaching licenses. Two coaches, Danny McBride and Louis Thorpe, are in the process of earning their "B" License.

“As we continue to unite the local soccer community, our membership continues to benefit. The best coaches want to be among other great coaches and players. Families invest a lot of money and time into our program. They deserve a professional coaching staff like the one we are announcing. Last year’s staff was outstanding. This one is even better. Don’t be surprised if next year even tops this one.” - Matt Yelton, Executive Director

Over the next few weeks we will publish a list of the coaches’ bios that will include coaching experience and licensure.  If you see a team listed as TBA for the coach, please be patient. In some cases those coaches may be currently involved with another program; we want to give them the opportunity  to make appropriate notification. 

Pre-Tryout Contact with Coaches

Parents: Please do not make contact with your child's potential coach for next year until after the tryout process. If you have questions about the club or the process, you are free to contact the director for your child's age group. The directors are listed below and you may email by clicking their name.

1999-2005 Birth Years (11v11)

11v11 Director - Matt Yelton
11v11 Technical Director - Danny McBride
Gender Team Program Coach
Boys 99 Premier Travel David Oesch
Boys 99/00 Elite Travel Jimmy Lessentine
Boys 01 Premier Travel Danny McBride
Boys 01 Elite Travel Johnny Lowery
Boys 02 Premier Travel Louis Thorpe
Boys 02 Elite Travel Jimmy Lessentine
Boys 03 Premier Travel Justin Haskell
Boys 03 Elite Travel Mike Larson
Boys 03 Spring Travel Jimmy Lessentine
Boys 04 Premier Travel Andy Wishart
Boys 04 Elite Travel Andy Wishart
Boys 04 Select Travel TBA
Boys 05 Premier Travel Jimmy Weekley
Boys 05 Premier II Travel John Carrier
Boys 05 Elite Travel Gabe Franco
Girls 99 Girls Premier Travel TBA
Girls 00 / 01 Premier Travel Luidgi Beauzile and Laban Defriese
Girls 00 / 01 Elite Travel Louis Thorpe
Girls 02 / 03 Premier Travel Luke Winter
Girls 02 / 03 Elite Travel Kerri Butler
Girls 03 Select Travel Dan Branley
Girls 04 Premier Travel Danny McBride
Girls 04 Elite Travel Carlie Banks
Girls 04 Select North Travel Dan Branley
Girls 05 Premier Travel Carlie Banks
Girls 05 Select North Travel Dan Branley

2006-2007 Birth Years (9v9)

Director - Jimmy Weekley
Technical Director - Carlie Banks
Gender Team Program Coach
Boys 06 Premier Travel Danny Silva
Boys 06 Elite Travel Justin Haskell
Boys 06 Select North Local Brian Costilow
Boys 06 Select South Local Bobby Keown
Boys 07 Premier Travel Louis Thorpe
Boys 07 Elite Travel Patrick Johnston
Boys 07 Select North Local Baggio Card
Gender Team Program Coach
Girls 06 Premier Travel Laban DeFriese
Girls 06 Elite Travel Jeff Badger
Girls 06 Select North Local MG Johnson
Girls 06 Select South Local Neil Placer
Girls 07 Premier Travel Laban Defriese
Girls 07 Elite Travel Chris Zeller
Girls 07 Select South Local Ron Senowech

2008-2009 Birth Years (7v7)

Boys 7v7 Director - Sean McDaniel
Girls 7v7 Director - Scott Chapman
Gender Team Program Coach
Boys 08 Premier Travel Demaro Jones
Boys 08 Elite North Travel Mark Randolph
Boys 08 Elite South Travel Gary Smith
Boys 08 Select North Local Willie Mosley
Boys 08 Select South Local Chad Flynn/Rick Matthews
Boys 09 Premier Travel Sias Reyneke
Boys 09 Premier II Travel Jeff Badger
Boys 09 Select Central Local Matty Finlay
Boys 09 Select North Local Dennis Sills
Gender Team Program Coach
Girls 08 Premier Travel Scott Chapman
Girls 08 Premier II Travel Robb Wright
Girls 08 Select North Local Kaitlin Sawyer/Travis Markum
Girls 08 Select South Local Lindsey Sharpe/Scott Chapman
Girls 09 Premier Travel Kerri Butler
Girls 09 Select North Local Brielle Leary/Travis Markum
Girls 09 Select South Local Travis Markum/Scott Chapman

2010-2011 Birth Years ID & Development Program (IDP)

IDP North Assistant Director - Dennis Sills
IDP South Assistant Director - Marie Freeman
Boys Teams Program Coach
10/11 Boys IDP East Ridge CIDP Marie Freeman
10/11 Boys IDP Middle Valley CIDP Gregg Finger
10/11 Boys IDP North River CIDP Dennis Sills
10/11 Boys IDP Redoubt CIDP Nick Odeny
Girls Teams Program Coach
10/11 Girls IDP (ER & Redoubt) IDP Ron Senowech/Gary Smith
10/11 Girls IDP (MV & NR) IDP Travis Markum

Supplemental Trainers

Session Day Coach
Skills & Finishing Tuesday Carlie Banks
Skills Tuesday Laban DeFriese
Skills Tuesday Justin Haskell
Skills Wednesday Jimmy Lessentine
Skills Tuesday Louise Thorpe
Director of Goalkeeping Erin Lycan Ridley
Goalkeeping Tuesday Luidgi Beauzile

Rec Development Coordinators

Rec Association Partner CFCA Coordinator
East Ridge Jesus Lopez
Middle Valley Paul Babba
Grimes (Formerly North River) MG Johnson
Redoubt Clair Lanter


TEAM U15-U18 (2003-2000) U13-U14 (2005-2004) U11-U12 (2007-2006) U10 (2008) U9 (2009)
Boys Premier 850 1050 1000 930 850
Boys Elite 770 1000 975 930 850
Boys Select 670 670 515 515 515
Girls Premier 925 1050 1000 930 850
Girls Elite 850 1000 975 930 850
Girls Select 670 670 515 515 515