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April Spotlight: Ronaldo Medina

By Staff , 05/02/17, 5:30PM EDT


Our Player Spotlight for April is a young man who already knows what it is like to be a champion. He and his 2002 Premier team did something the rest of the state is getting used to seeing Chattanooga teams do. They brought home the Div. 1 State Championship after knocking off some of Tennessee's club soccer giants.

CFC Academy Executive Director Matt Yelton said, "I have had the chance to coach Ronaldo since he came to the club as a u13. He has evolved from a powerful defender into a goal-scoring force."

"He has a great deal of natural abilities and he was a big part of the 2002 Premier Boys winning a state championship. More importantly though, he is a quality young man who works hard and is respectful of others."

We are proud to introduce you Ronaldo Medina. Remember this name; it is not the last you have heard of him

CFCA: When did you start playing soccer and what do you remember most about that first season?  

Ronaldo: I started playing soccer at 5 years old and then joined CFC Academy when I was 13. The first season was tough but we kept working hard.

CFCA: Tell us about your soccer career before CFC Academy and what led you to try out for select soccer?

Ronaldo: Before CFC Academy I always wanted to play for a traveling team and my brother actually played for CFC Academy. That's what made me want to play on the same club.

CFCA: What do you do outside of regular team training to improve your game? For example, do you attend Supplemental Training?

Ronaldo: I go to fields or go outside to train myself and take shots.

CFCA: What position do you play?

Ronaldo: I play striker.

CFCA: What is it about that position that you like?

Ronaldo: I like playing this position because I can score for my team and hopefully make us win.

CFCA: Would you rather win half your games against really good teams or go undefeated against players not as good as you?  

Ronaldo: I would rather win half the games against really good teams because I want competition.

Ronaldo celebrates the state championship with Coach Matt and Coach Lou.

CFCA: What are your hopes and dreams for soccer?

Ronaldo: I'd like to become pro one day.

CFCA: Who are the coaches at CFC Academy helping you reach those dreams?

Ronaldo: Couch Matt (Yelton) and Coach Lou (Louis Thorpe)

CFCA: Who’s your coach right now?

Ronaldo: Coach Lou.

CFCA: Tell us what he is like during the training sessions and games.

Ronaldo: He always pushes us to do our best to become better soccer players.

CFCA: What are your proudest accomplishments so far in soccer?

Ronaldo: My best accomplishment so far is my CFC Academy team won state and we are going to regionals.

CFCA: You have a couple years left in high school? What are your soccer plans after that?

Ronaldo: After high school, my plan is to go to college and hopefully play soccer for them.

CFCA: Was there ever a time you thought about quitting soccer? If so, what made you stay with it?

Ronaldo: No, never because I want to improve.

CFCA: What would you tell a player who is finishing a disappointing season due to playing time, a coach they didn’t like, or some other reason?

Ronaldo: I would just say to keep their head up. Never quit and never give up.


CFCA: What do you like to do off the soccer field? Run.

CFCA: Favorite subject in school? Math.

CFCA: Favorite food before practice? Bananas.

CFCA: Favorite pregame music?  Rap.

CFCA: Favorite soccer player? Christiano Ronaldo.

CFCA: What is something about you most people do not know? I also like basketball.

CFCA: If Nike asked you to make a slogan for its next commercial, what would it be? Achieve your goals.

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