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December Spotlight: Zoey Mize

By Staff, 12/30/16, 4:45PM EST


As our club has doubled in size over the past year, that comes with more depth in coaches and with players.

Let's be honest. Many parents still care a lot about the so-called "A Team" or "B Team" placement. And yes, sometimes the players do too. At the Travel Select level of CFC Academy we place athletes where they can receive the most appropriate level of development. With a club our size, both Premier and Elite teams now offer tremendous training and  the opportunity for advancement for those players who desire a greater challenge.

Our Athlete Spotlight for December is Zoey Mize. She plays for our Chattanooga FC Academy's 2003 Premier team as well as one of Tennessee's two 2003 ODP teams. As part of the ODP program, players have the opportunity to take a weeklong summer international trip to train and play games. This year's trip is to Holland!  Zoey is a young lady with a great comeback story that proves you have never failed until you quit trying.  

CFCA: How old were you and where did you play?

Zoey: I started playing when I was 4 years old.  Right before CFC Academy, I was playing on a u10 team for Redoubt.

CFCA: You then tried out for CFC Academy as a u11 player and made the Premier team. For someone who's never made a Premier team yet, explain your feelings when getting that invitation.  

Zoey: I was really excited and I felt like it was a major accomplishment since I hadn't played for CFCA before.

CFCA: Sometimes in soccer, things do not go as planned. Think back to the day you found out the CFCA coaching staff asked you to move to the Elite team. What was that day like?

Zoey: Well, that day was really harsh and I felt like I had been denied.  It was the day before my birthday too. I was excited though because I knew how good the Elite coach was.

CFCA: What was the rest of that season like?  

Zoey: My Elite coach was Laura Novikoff. She taught me a lot about soccer from the big picture to the minor details.  She was exactly what I needed. (Editor Note: Laura has relocated from Chattanooga to Missouri to continue her education.) 

CFCA: What did you do outside of regular team training to improve your game? 

Zoey: I have always gone to the CFC Academy’s supplemental training every week and I practice at home.  I watch at least one soccer game on tv every week. I have also trained with Luke Winter (CFC player and Academy coach) during the summer and attended D1 strengthening training.  I usually attend a couple of soccer camps during the summertime as well.

CFCA: What would you tell another player who doesn't want to be in the club unless they're on a Premier team?

Zoey: If you don't achieve your goals right away, you need to work at them.  It isn't always going to be easy. Make the Premier team your goal and work hard for it.

CFCA: Teammates play a big part in making individuals better. What are some ways your teammates have helped you?

Zoey: My teammates have helped me work harder and given me key tips.  They are also always good for a laugh.

CFCA: How did you learn you earned a spot back on the Premier team and when did that happen? 

Zoey: I received the email offer for the Premier team the very next season.

CFCA: As someone who has played on both Premier and Elite teams as well as the Tennessee ODP teams, what do you think about the level of training you receive at all levels of CFC Academy?

Zoey: CFC Academy always has good coaches at all levels. Also, the supplemental training gives you additional coaching perspectives during the season.

Rapid Fire Questions

CFCA: What do you like to do off the soccer field?

Zoey: I like to cook and hang out with my friends.

CFCA: Favorite subject in school?

History/ Social  Studies

CFCA: Favorite food before practice?

Zoey: I like to eat light before soccer, so I usually eat fruit.

CFCA: Favorite pregame music?  

Zoey: I listen to my soccer playlist, favorite is "The Distance" by Cake.

CFCA: Favorite soccer player? 

Zoey: Tobin Heath because she has great foot skills and good vision of the game.

CFCA: Least favorite drill in soccer practice?  

Zoey: I don't really have a least favorite drill.  You always learn something from every drill.

CFCA: If Nike asked you to make a soccer quote for their new ad campaign, what would it say?

Zoey: "You say I can't do it, watch me!"

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