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CFC Women's player also a Chattanooga cop

By Staff , 06/03/16, 9:45PM EDT


Kelly Downs is a Chattanooga native that spent most of her childhood playing soccer in the scenic. After finishing her collegiate soccer career as a UTC Moc, Kelly did what most little girls dream of doing, playing soccer at the next level. Kelly has been a forward on the CFC women's team since it was first founded three years ago, but that's not the only squad she is a part of. Kelly also serves on the Chattanooga Police Department.

"In soccer you have to persevere and you have to work hard. And that's exactly what you have to do in this job" says Kelly. 

Kelly has been on the Chattanooga Police force for four years, where she continuously puts her life on the line as a patrol officer in East Chattanooga.

"One time, I was in a very dangerous situation and it really made me think afterwards, is this something I want to do? And that thought lasted a few seconds. This is why I signed up for the job. I knew my life was at risk, but I'm saving other people so that's what's important."

Kelly works hard to balance her time one both squads, and while some days its hard for her to catch a break, she realizes her service to the community is most important. 

"Being a female cop is a really incredible thing. The people I deal with on the streets on a day to day basis are so friendly to me and they love me, the little girls running around. It motivates me because little girls like that, I want them to have a good chance at furthering their education and doing something positive with their life." 

Whether its chasing down a corner kick, or chasing down criminals, Kelly is most grateful for the experiences and lessons learned in her hometown.

"When I'm a police officer I have to never give up even when I'm in a sticky situation and same on the soccer field, never give up always fight and work as hard as possibly can."

"I love Chattanooga and I love this city. There is reason why I'm still living here and I want to keep this city safe, that's why I do this."

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