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May Athlete Spotlight: Kennedy Ball

By Staff , 05/10/16, 8:00AM EDT


Even though the 2015-2016 is almost in the books, our monthly Athlete Spotlight will continue through the summer.

The Spotlight Athlete for May shines on a young lady with a talent for creating space, being in position, and scoring goals. She is someone who will develop for years to come. We are excited to introduce you to 11-year-old Kennedy Ball from our u11 Premier team. She trains with CFCA's Jeff Badger.

CFCA:  When did you start playing soccer? 

Kennedy:  “When I was about 4.”

CFCA:  How is your team doing this year?

Kennedy:  “Well, this season we’ve won every tournament we’ve played in.”

CFCA:  You play forward for your team this year. Have you always played forward?

Kennedy:  “When I was 8 I played defense, then midfield and now forward.”

CFCA:  Which position to you like the most?

Kennedy:  “I like forward.”

CFCA:  Do you score a lot of goals?

Kennedy:  (laughing) “Yeah!”

CFCA:  What do you like most about Coach Badger?

Kennedy:  “I like that he’s not too serious (laughing). He’s kinda of fun to play around with.  He calls me ‘Grandma’ sometimes because I am so slow.  But at least I’m a lot faster when I’m on the field (playing in a match).”

CFCA:  Do your teammates call you Grandma?  Do they have a nickname for you?

Kennedy:  “They call me ‘Sunshine’.  Because I’m always late to everything and I’m always like… happy!”

CFCA:  Why are you always happy?

Kennedy:  “Because I am really good at soccer and I like it.  It makes me happy!”

CFCA:  What do you like about how Coach Badger trains you?

Kennedy:  (pauses to think) “Well when we win tournaments or do really good he kinda let’s us have a fun practice and doesn’t make us work really hard that day.”

CFCA:  Do you have a favorite soccer moment?

Kennedy:  “It was actually this last tournament (Scenic City Cup) in the first game when I had my first header goal.”

CFCA:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kennedy:  “Um, I kinda want to be a personal athletic trainer or something like that.”

CFCA: Are you going to play soccer in college?

Kennedy:  (laughing) “Hopefully!”

CFCA:  Who is your favorite professional player?

Kennedy:  “Oh, Tobin Heath (USWNT, midfielder). And probably Neymar (FC Barcelona) or Messi (FC Barcelona).”

CFCA:  Who is your favorite team?

Kennedy:  “USA, the women’s national team.  Yeah, they’re really good.”

CFCA:  Who is someone you look up to?

Kennedy:  “I guess Tobin Heath because I like to watch videos about her and learn about her endurance and all this other stuff.”

CFCA:  How do you prepare for a game?

Kennedy:  “I usually drink a smoothie.  It’s like my only craving I like to eat before games.”

CFCA:  When someone says, “You kick like a girl!”  What does that mean to you?

Kennedy:  “To me it’s a compliment.”

CFCA:  Because girls are strong. Right?

Kennedy:  “Yeah!  They are usually just messing around with me.  It tells me that they want to get under my skin and mess with me because I might be better than them.”

CFCA:  What advice would you give a younger player?  Say a U8, 9 or 10 year old?

Kennedy:  “Hmmm.  I would tell them to keep trying and never really give up.  Even if you miss a goal or something like that happens, just keep on trying.  Mistakes happen.  Don’t look in the past.”

CFCA:  Was this your first soccer interview?

Kennedy:  “(laughing) Yeah!”

CFCA:  How was it?

Kennedy: “It’s kinda weird!  Talking about myself.”


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