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2018 Evaluations FAQ

By Staff , 05/07/16, 2:15PM EDT


 When are Evaluations?

The specific dates are set in accordance with Tennessee State Soccer Association rules. Younger ages take place in late May with U13 and older occurring in early June after State Cup competition. 

Is it really an Evaluation or have some decisions already made?

Yes and no. Returning players are familiar to our coaches already so we have a general idea of where they fit. Coaches will generally agree on the top 50% of players and the bottom 20%. What we are really trying to accomplish in the Evaluations process is to place those players in the middle. 

Can I watch?

We prefer parents stay at least 50 feet away from the sideline. Ideally, you are far enough way that your child does not notice you. Water breaks are for the players and coaches. Please give them space during this time as well.

Does my child have to attend each night of Evaluations to earn a spot on the team?

All potential players must attend at least one Evaluation to be considered for a spot on the team, even returning players.  All players must register for tryouts even if injury will prevent them from attending. A new player to the club is strongly encouraged to attend all three sessions as that gives us the best opportunity to make a complete evaluation. 

Is my child guaranteed a spot on a team?

If your child is in the 2006-2010 birth years, we anticipate being able to accommodate all players within a CFCA-sponsored team. However, the older age groups of 2000-2005 birth years are evaluating players at a higher level. Coaches and technical directors will make the decisions for placement. There is not a guarantee that all players in the older ages will be accepted.

How will teams be selected?

If your child is currently playing at CFCA, your current coach will give an evaluation of each player going into Evaluations. In collaboration with those evaluations and the child’s performance at Evaluations, selection will be made for ability level teams.

Will boys be allowed to play for girls’ teams and vice versa?


How will I know if my child has made a team?

  • Within 24 hours of the last tryout being completed an email will be sent out to all players who participated in CFCA tryouts. Participants will be offered a spot on the Travel Select (Premier & Elite) or Local Select (North & South). Premier is the top travel team. Elite is the second travel team. Parents and athletes will then have 48 hours to accept.
  • Should a spot on the Premier team become available after the 48 hour window closes, only players who have already committed to an Elite team will be considered for the open spot on the Premier team. If a spot were to become available on an Elite team, players registered for Local Select would be the next to be considered.

How do I register my child after they are selected?  

During the Tryout registration process, we begin to acquire preliminary information on placing your child on a team. Once a roster position is offered, that email will contain information to join the club and pay the first club fee payment. First payment is due 24 hours of that offer.

How much does it cost to play for the Chattanooga FC Academy?

Cost depends on the age group as well as how many months the team will participate. A payment plan with several options will make it fit almost any budget. Some teams play both Fall and Spring Season while other (mainly high school) teams only participate in either the Fall or Spring. The fees are listed at Uniform fees are separate.

How will my child’s location for practice be determined?

We have the use of three primary facilities in the Chattanooga area as well as multiple artificial turf facilities for rainouts. Most teams use Camp Jordan and a fewer number use Redoubt, Grimes, and Middle Valley. Local Select programs will be designated by the term North and South meaning that practices will occur in an area that offers geographic proximity to where they currently live. Club directors and coaches will decide practice locations before July. Club fees cover at least two training sessions per week in additional to multiple technical skill sessions that will be offered by the club.

What is the difference between Travel Select and Local Select?

One obvious difference is travel and non-travel. The Travel Select program offers the highest levels of training and competition. This program is available beginning with the U9 age. Local Select offers a professional training environment above rec soccer without the expense and time commitment of Travel Select. It is similar to programs other associations have referred to as "D3", "Rec Plus", or "Academy Select." CFCA offers this level for an easier transition to one of its Travel Select teams if that time comes. The Local Select teams will wear a CFCA uniform and not face the same level of competition as Premier or Elite team.

Do I designate whether my child is interested in Travel Select or Local Select before tryouts?

No. All players will be evaluated equally and offered a roster spot based on their ability. If a player is offered a position on a Travel Select team (Premier/Elite) but would rather play Local Select he/she can. Our goal is to advise you of the appropriate level for your child. However, the ultimate decision will be up to your family on whether to accept a Travel Select roster spot. 

What is the difference between the Chattanooga FC Academy and Chattanooga Football Club?

Chattanooga Football Club was created in 2009 and is a semi pro soccer team that plays in the National Premier Soccer League, or NPSL. The CFC men’s and women’s games occur May-August and make for a great family night out. The CFC Academy grew out of Chattanooga Football Club’s desire to train and develop the youth of Chattanooga and foster their love for the game of soccer. The Academy is the select soccer program for youth and will always be a branch of Chattanooga Football Club.

What if my child wants to “play up” (above their age division)?

CFCA will take into consideration two factors when making the decision on who should play up. There are two major factors which will guide the club in this decision. First will be the players ability in comparison to the team they are to be on as a part of their birth year. The second consideration will be the amount of playing time a player would receive if the player were to be allowed to play up. Multiple birth year evaluations have been conducted to aid in this process over the course of the spring. CFCA Directors will communicate which age group a player should attend if the club feels a player should tryout for an older age group.

What about trapped players in the 2004 age group? What is a trapped player?

Players Trapped in the 2004 Age Group- In the 2004 age group for next year the mandates will combine players that will be in 8th grade and 9th grade.  This presents a problem when the 9th graders in this age group tryout and make their High School team.  TSSAA (High School Association) prevents players from playing both competitive soccer and High School soccer at the same time. CFCA players in this situation will train with the 2005 team during the high school season. There will be no additional charge for this training as not all players will choose to take advantage of it. Additionally, within the state of Tennessee and TSSA approved sanctioned tournaments these trapped players (8th graders) will be allowed to play down with the 2005 age group during the period of High School soccer for that High School gender soccer season. 

What if I am willing to volunteer as a Team Manager or Treasurer?

If you have interest in volunteering as a Team Manager or Treasurer, email We will notify you after the tryout process is complete.