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Fitness: A Healthy — and Well-Timed — Diet Fuels Muscles of Master Athletes

By Jill Barker, Montreal Gazette, 01/09/20, 1:45PM CST


Protein consumed immediately after workouts was shown to have a significant impact on recovery and performance.

The last decade has seen a steep increase in the number of athletes achieving personal bests in their 40s and beyond. This group of dedicated older athletes has redefined the idea of aging, rewriting the record books with performances in the pool, on the track, and in the saddle. So remarkable are their achievements, exercise scientists have been busy studying their training and lifestyle habits to see if they can gather more information on what successful aging looks like.

According to a group of French researchers, there is still a dearth of published research on the link between nutrition and performance in master athletes. In particular, do older athletes have a different set of nutritional needs than their younger counterparts?