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Surviving and Thriving During Injury Recovery

By Laura Henry, USA Triathlon, 10/30/19, 8:30PM CDT


While sport is a major part of our lives, it is not the only thing in our lives. Injuries provide a wonderful opportunity to recognize this truth.

There are two types of triathletes: those who have been injured, and those who will be.

Despite every athlete’s best attempts, there will eventually be some sort of injury that puts them on the sidelines. It could be a broken toe from climbing a set of stairs, it could be a massive blister, or it could be a more serious series of injuries from an accident.  But no matter what, the day will come when an athlete needs to face the reality of injury.

Being injured is probably one of the biggest fears that a multisport athlete has. This is for a good reason; there must be a change in lifestyle to accommodate that injury, and that can be very scary for athletes.  When one is used to incorporating workouts and sport-related activities in their life on a day-to-day basis, the reduction or loss of those activities and that structure can truly be tough to bear.