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Back to School: The ABC's of Strength and Conditioning

By LMH Health, 08/28/19, 1:45PM CDT


When it comes to strength and conditioning for youth, it’s critical to get the fundamentals in place.

It’s that time of year again. Summer is winding down and kids are preparing to head back to school. Many kids have new clothes, a backpack filled with freshly sharpened pencils, and other supplies to get the year started.  As our youngsters head back to school, how we think about progressing in education is how we should think about progressing strength training and injury prevention efforts for young athletes. A simple analogy will help you see the correlation.

Elementary school starts with learning the alphabet, forming words, learning to read, and performing basic arithmetic. Learning these basics gives us the foundation to build on with each passing year in school. What we learned in elementary school becomes easy and new challenges await eventually in middle school, high school and college. It’s hard to imagine a student being prepared to write reports, solve complex fractions, read classic literature, and learn about the sciences in detail without the basics they learned in elementary school. So how does all of this relate to kids strength training and injury prevention? It’s quite similar! Our education in strength and conditioning should not look any different.