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Drinking Water Might Help Kids Limit Soda

By Lisa Rapaport, KFGO, 04/25/19, 12:00PM CDT


"Water is the healthiest drink people can consume, which is critical" for physical and mental health, 

One in five U.S. children and young adults don't drink any water at all on a typical day, and a new study suggests they consume almost twice as many calories from sodas and sugary drinks as young people who do drink water.

On any given day, kids who didn't drink water consumed an average of 93 more calories from sugar sweetened beverages like sodas and juice drinks than young people who did drink some water. "These results are important because sugar-sweetened beverage consumption has been linked to many negative health conditions for children, including weight gain, dental caries, and type 2 diabetes," said lead study author Asher Rosinger, director of the Water, Health, and Nutrition Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University.