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Team Managers

The Team Manager role is critical to CFCA's success.  Team Managers are the bridge betwen parents and the coach and act as an agent of the club.  When a team is managed well, the coach is free to focus on player development and parents and players have a more positive soccer experience. 

Thank you for taking on this incredible responsibility.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.  

Below you will find an evolving list of resources to help you be a successful Team Manager.

Roles & Responsibilities

As a Team Manager, I will do the following:

  • Coordinate practice, game and tournament schedules with direction from the coach.
  • Not get involved in coaching decisions.
  • Foster positive communication between the coach and parents.
  • Pass all pertinent information from the coach/club to the parents on time.
  • Pass all pertinent information from the parents to the coach/club on time.
  • Understand that a manager has no responsibility regarding strategy, technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of the game as well as player positions and play time. All of those questions are directed to the coach.
  • Enlist the coach to answer all questions regarding training and game situations to the parents.
  • Only discuss a player with the parents of that player.
  • Understand that parents should only be concerned with their own child.
  • Maintain a neutral position with the team.
  • Refrain from disciplining a player and defer to the Coach.
  • Make the Coach aware of any problems or potential problems regarding the team or individual players.
  • Consult the appropriate Club Administrator for advice/instruction when dealing with my duties as Team Manager.


Need help on a paperwork or club matter? Contact the Club Administrator. Have a question about team finances or accounting? Contact the Club Treasurer.

Julie Hunter

Club Administrator

Laura Catalanotto

Club Treasurer

Field & Ref Request

Forms are due 2 weeks before game.

Coach Fees Out of Town

Head Coaches should receive mileage and meals for games in excess of 50 miles.

CFCA Mileage Rate

Standard Government Rate ($.54 cents per mile). For simplicity, mileage is calculated as roundtrip from Camp Jordan to the first field.  

CFCA Meal allowance

  • Breakfast $8 (only if hotel does not offer)
  • Lunch $12
  • Dinner $15 

For friendlies between two CFCA teams, the team designated as the "home" team will have the full ref amount deducted. The CFCA team designated as "away" team should settle up with the "home" team. We will only deduct from one team per game.

All CFCA teams will pay 100% of the ref fees when playing in a club organized playdate in Chattanooga against an outside team.

Referee & Assignor Fees