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When is the right age to join the Chattanooga FC Academy developmental structure? As early as possible!  

The Chattanooga Identification and Development Program (IDP) was launched in 2015 as a way to provide a better training environment and structure to more committed players at an earlier age. 

IDP is different than rec soccer. IDP is Chattanooga's original pre-select or pre-academy program designed specifically for U7/U8 players who are interested in being developed and prepared for the Select level beginning their U9 year.  

IDP is fundamentally designed to provide a very different service to the soccer community for players in these early age groups. It is a way to meet the individual developmental needs of a player who desires a a greater challenge outside of the rec soccer programs. 

IDP players are guaranteed to receive age-appropriate instruction from licensed coaches during all training and game day sessions. While participation in all sessions is not required, registered players will be offered 2 training opportunities per week for approximately 12 weeks each fall and spring. 

CFC works with the local recreational soccer associations to provide a unique developmental program for players in the Chattanooga area who are looking to be challenged. Our partnerships allow us to provide the best possible environment for all Pre-Academy aged players.

Training for the fall season begins in mid-August and go to early November.  Training for the spring season begins the third week of February and goes to early May. 

If you still have questions not answered on this page, contact Allison Denunzio, Pre-Academy IDP Director.


Hello! My name is Allison! I moved to Chattanooga in the beginning of 2020 and absolutely love this city. My husband, dog and I spend the majority of our free time either hiking, biking or trail running around this great city and all the nature that surrounds it. I can't really remember a time in my life that I wasn't playing soccer. I started playing at the age of 4 and still play in adult leagues around Chattanooga. Several years ago, I began coaching for a local recreation league and then joined some friends in coaching for a travel team. As a player, I've always enjoyed being able to play a sport in which brain outweighs brawn; being on the smaller side, I've always had a knack for the strategy of the game. As a coach, I really appreciate seeing players enjoy and improve through training. The joy that soccer brings to lives is infectious and brings people together. I'm excited to join the CFC IDP coaching community and begin sharing the happiness I get from soccer with players around Chattanooga. 



What they're saying

(Our son) has been playing soccer since he was three but he has improved tremendously over the past two years while in IDP! 

We were impressed with the ball skills he has learned and how he has developed as a player!  The individual attention he received from numerous coaches was incredible!  Our younger son is super excited to start IDP this fall!




Training sessions are offered three nights a week at a variety of locations. Players are able to pick any two training sessions to attend each week with no commitment necessary week to week.  If players would like a third session, we can accommodate that. Spring clinics and practices begin in early February. Weekend gamedays will begin in early to mid March. 

COST (Updating cost soon!)

CFC Academy believes strongly in the value of its Pre-Academy Identification & Development Program. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, 100% of the funds collected are reinvested into the advancement of the Academy. This helps us to ensure your child is always receiving a professional level of instruction and learning to love the game in an appropriate way.

Players can sign up for just the Fall season or just the Spring season. They will get more out of the program, and save money, by participating for the full year. This is a more advanced program than traditional rec soccer. There is no formal tryout or evaluation process as registration is open to any player looking for more exposure to the game of soccer.  To maximize their potential in the program, players will need to have previous playing experience and possess a desire to work hard and get better. 


Our curriculum is for girls and boys who were born in 2017 or 2018 (U7 & U8) and love playing soccer and are looking for a structured and fun environment to learn.