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Why donate?

Chattanooga FC Academy has been around since 2012 with the very values that were instilled in the Academy from the start. These are the same values that Chattanooga FC Academy believes in today: Everyone should be given the opportunity to play at the highest level they want!

We believe that through the game of soccer we can prepare young people to be good citizens now and into adulthood. CFC Academy has continually prepared players for college, including placement in NCAA Div. I, Div. II, Div. III, and NIAI schools. With our values in mind, we hope that every player is given the opportunity to grow in all areas of life, regardless of cost.

Affordability is something CFC Academy does not want to let affect any player's ability to play. We would welcome and be most grateful for any contribution. Your donations go a long way in helping these young people be successful.


Travel Funds

Club Fees

Scholarship Players


Training Gear


Field Equipment

Turf Rental

If you know of a business interested in becoming more involved in CFC Academy as a partner, send us an email.