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More than 120 parents in CFC Academy are giving the gift of soccer to another player by joining the Center Circle Club for 2022-23. Their generosity makes competitive soccer available to more people, regardless of income.



Join today and receive these benefits for up to two members!  Membership years re-set on August 1.

Your name listed on the Official Supporters website.
Official Supporter decal 
Opt-Out Fee waived for volunteer hours requirement

BLUE: $115
Official Supporter decal
CFC Academy magnet
Your name listed on the Official Supporters website.
Opt-Out Fee waived for volunteer hours requirement

SILVER: $215
BLUE package + these additional perks
$25 gift certificate to the Official CFC Store
Two Midfield Club tickets to attend any CFC home match.

GOLD: $500
BLUE package + these additional perks
Custom CFC Academy sideline/tailgate chair
Four Midfield Club tickets to attend any CFC home match.

*Ticket benefit recipients will be contacted by email or phone in June. Other benefit gift(s) will be delivered by August 31.

2022-23 MEMBERS

(as of Feb. 6, 2023)

$500 GIFTS

Terry & Jessica Baker
Stephen & Karen Culp
Drew & Celeste Bradley
Jeff Jennings
Laura Jennings

$215 GIFTS

Don & Lindsey Friddell
Paul & Katie Smith
Bill & Paige Towers

$115 GIFTS

Eric & Courtney Baker
Corey & Kim Carpenter
Cory & Kim Colquette
Thomas & Shannon Connolly
Anthony & Elizabeth Frank
Byron & Pam Holder
Shaheen & Alison Imami
Anthony & Melissa Kirkland
Joe & Tara McCroskey
Jagan & Brunda Pagidela
Elizabeth Ritter
Greg & April Seymour


Vanessa & Tim Tripp
Lauren & Craig Bohemn
Bridget & Craig Olsen
Ellen & Ed Gentry
Benjamin & Tracey Hankins
Joseph Babcock
Kelly & Walt Trombley
Daniel & Marta Millbank
Gwen & David Macallister
Alyssa & Dustin Douglass
Denise & Robert Huang
Brooke & Edward Haluska
Jennifer & Jaythan Elam
Kate & Rich Boschi
Jason Dixon
Jai & David Thurman
Staci Ridner-Brogan
Melissa & Dustin Crane
Eric & Holly Kittle
Ashley & Darren Thompson
Steve & Natalie Faulkner
Russell & Susan Buck
Heinrich & Helena (Lientjie) Jonker
Jeff & Michelle Murphy
Leigh & Samuel Linhoss
Mark & Nastassja Hagan
Cory & Kim Colquette
Holly & Wyndham Owens
Maureen & Joe Sabba
Derek & Gail Greene
Lindsey & Don Friddell
Thomas & Amanda Moore
Melissa & Matthew Purvis
Ben & Jenn Flora
Madison & John Ralston
Ashley & Ben Taylor
Ray & Ashley Wilson
Amy & Todd Burchett
Jessica & Aaron Condroski
Gabino Velasquez
Ashley & Darren Thompson
Sandra & Don Stephens
Megan & Derek Johnson
Drew & Ashley Ermenc
Matthew & Marie Rider
Elizabeth & Thomas Kates
David & Caroline Giles
Rob & Kelly Looney
Sarah Sterner & Evandre Gomez Sterner
Julie & John Craig
Christelle & Andreas Von Schultz
Eduardo & Joy Centurion
Tara & Scott Stafford
Marya & Joe Schalk
Leah & Travis Rackley
Jeremy & Amy Barnes
Kaley & Bradley Mounce
Jennifer & Spencer Usrey
Eplan & Myung Mun
Richard & Tammy Theakston
Carrie & Michael Jones
Julie & Matt Tumey
Josh & Abigaile Paul
Sara & Kimberly Wood
Brian & Liz Baker
Jessica & Jacob Parker
Jonathan & Amy Hansen
Jennifer & Christopher Innes
Titus & Jisook Albu
Derek & Gail Greene
Jason & Sarah Kilgore
Robert & Jaime Wilbanks
Leigh & Samuel Linhoss
Lauren & Lauren Sloan
Angela & Harris Hawk
Lucy & Daniel Sawrie
David & Dottie McCallen
Rob & Tracey Noland
Joey & Kate Sherrard
Rob & Christi Quinn
Misty & Jeremy Bogle
Austin & Kimberly Cone
Jennifer & Todd Smith
Krista & Michael Savadge
Leah & Travis Rackley
Wendy & Shawn Fowler
Christina & Brian Lowery
Alex & Mary Kate Earl
Derek & Tracy Carlson
Cori & George Aslinger
Betsey & Tom Kates
Michael & Amy Johnson
Jose Andrade
Mandi & Jeff Roberts
Lynn & Mike Darty
Lisa Hart-Patton
Zibin & Songyuan Guo
Laura & Jack Skelton
James & Hariett Stafford
Miryam & Trinidad Alonso
Debra & Gary Noblitt
Sheldon & Kelly Grizzle
Erik & Lesley Schmidt
Brian Costilow
Tiffany & James Bence
Christina & Todd Dueker

How Being Part of the Center Circle Club Makes a Difference

The Center Circle Club is the official supporters club of Chattanooga FC Academy, 501(c)(3). Everything in soccer begins in the center circle. And everything in our club begins with support from people like you. The Center Circle Club provides a key source of fundraising that assists with scholarship fund and lower club fees. Everyone in the club benefits from the financial support granted by the Center Circle Club. 

70+ College Signings in 5 Years

CFC Academy is committed to helping young people go as far as they want to go in soccer. In a five year period, more than 70 CFC Academy players signed to play college soccer. Many of these athletes were supported by financial aid during their club soccer years.


Please contact:
Laura Catalanotto, Treasurer

Membership Level Tax Information 

$50 (tax deductive in the amount of $50)
$115 (tax deductible in the amount of $100)
$215 (tax deductible in the amount of $190)
$500 (tax deductible in the amount of $380)
$1,000 (tax deductible in the amount of $760)